Sunday, 21 August 2016

3 Important Things to Remember When You Start Career as Fashion Blogger

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These days, having your own personal is quite common. I also decided to start my own blog just recently. It is around 2 or 3 years ago when I start a fashion blog. Believe me, being a fashion blogger is not easy. You must always up to date with what is happening inside fashion industry and make sure your blog regularly updated with new contents.

But if you can overcome these challenges, you will gain not only trust from your loyal readers but also open for business opportunity. For example, one of my loyal readers is promoting her new clothing line. She contacted me and purpose some partnership plans with his clothing line, which is I accepted.

Through this article, I want to share several simple I am done when I decided to be a professional fashion blogger. Hope it will help anyone who wishes to start their career as a fashion blogger.

Tips No.1: Know yourself! Be yourself!

This is the foundation of your career. The first thing you must create and confirm is your persona. Why do I say persona? Because I saw many fashion blog who wrote similar things with similar style, from my point of view as the reader is kind of annoying, though. It is important to know first what kind of blog you will create and also what kind of contents you will present to the reader. My first advice about this matter is ‘Be Yourself’, do not try to copy or imitate another famous blogger. I also found out that most of the fashion readers are more interested in original, unique and creative fashion blogger.

Tips No.2: Create the most user-friendly blog

I know many of you will think about design first, but remember this blog are meant for the reader. Before you step to the blog’s design, the first thing you must reconsider is ‘how to make my blog easy to access by the potential readers from anywhere and anytime they want. Try to imagine yourself as the reader to create the most user-friendly blog they desire.

Tips No.3: Create digital marketing strategy for your blog

The last but also important things to do is how to create and manage your digital marketing. As we already know there is billions fashion blog out there, so basically we have lots of competitors. That is why we must create powerful digital marketing strategies (SEO, SEM, and SMO) to defeat them.



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